Select verse from an upcoming book of poetry by Ted Onulak.
Flowers in vase by Paul Cezanne



As silent as flowers in a vase

Taking quiet sips of water

Wordlessly counting their last remaining days


Silent as the sunbeams

That glide noiselessly through the window

Escaping the cold white world

To kiss the bloom of spring

Prophesied for a distant tomorrow


The empty house stands mute

Devoid of tears and laughter

All voices have been stilled

Only a spider

Spins her web

Wordlessly working

For purposes obscure

Perhaps only just to pass the time


No telephone rings to trouble the dust

In the latest vacant house

Where the trash men were the last to wave goodbye


The stillness is disturbed

By a creeping car

With tattered seats and muddy tires

Enclosing the well-worn couple within


They look at the clapboards wistfully

Choosing not to speak


Inside the flowers softly tremble

The spider loses a stitch

Some fleeting cloud

Of a former life

Has disturbed the empty peace


The ignition sparks the engine

And the car grinds into reverse

Gravel pops against the metal

And life motors on


Somewhere hope lies sleeping

And walks softly as a spider on its web

Or waits beneath the earth like a flower


But at this moment

There is only silence

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© 2012 Ted Onulak